• Promote basic and applied science and more specifically research in the field of radiation and its effects on materials, components and systems
  • Relevant industries: space, civil nuclear and military applications

  Scientific activities: 

  • Holding the RADECS biannual European Conference 
  • Holding a  biannual Technical Meeting 
  • Promote research activities on radiation effects
  • Scientific publications or promotion of scientific publications
  • Cooperation and exchange with other organisations

 NSREC - RADECS Connection: 

  • The RADECS Bureau includes a member of the RESG 
  • The RESG includes a member  of the RADECS Association 
  • Most significant papers from RADECS conferences are published in the IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science by NPSS
  • Members of both organisations serve as reviewers and session chair persons in NSREC and RADECS Conferences

radecs statuts frncais.pdf                                         radecs statuts anglais.pdf

RADECS Statuts in French                                          RADECS Statuts in English


photographies : courtesy of THALES ALENIA SPACE, DGA Centre d'Etudes de Gramat, ASTEP & ARIANESPACE

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