3rd RADECS Thematic Workshop on “Single Event Transient”

January 29th 2009.  Paul Scherrer Institut, CH-5232 Villigen, Switzerland


Organising Committee :

Reno Harboe Sørensen   -  ESA/ESTEC, NL         Stanley Mattsson  -  RUAG, S

Francoise Bezerra  -  CNES, F                           Renaud Mangeret  -  EADS Astrium, F

Wojtek Hajdas  -  UCL, PSI, CH                          Andrew Chugg  -  MBDA, UK

Sven Landstroem  -  ESA/ESTEC, NL                   Michel Melotte  -  THALES, A.S. ETCA, B

The 3rd RADECS Thematic Workshop focussing on “Single Event Transient” will take place at the Paul Scherrer Institut, CH-5232 Villigen, Switzerland on January 29th 2009. The Workshop technical programme will feature invited oral presentations addressing all issues around SET. These presentations, covered in 7 blocks, will be focussing on current SET experiences obtained by agencies, industry and manufacturer. Open discussion during and after each presentation will allow attendee to take active part in this Workshop – which goal is ‘Better Awareness of SET Issues’.  This event has again been combined with the ESA/ESTEC Final Presentation Day on January 27th and in the morning of January 28th 2007, where also a series of CNES Final Presentations will be scheduled. In the afternoon there will be the opportunity to visit the Paul Scherrer Institut and the newly opened PROSCAN – Proton Irradiation Facility – which is a follow on to the first PIF being part of ESAs European Component Irradiation Facilities. 

Participation is open and free of charge – but requires pre-registration.



First day is the presentation of all R&D studies, in radiation effects fields, supported by ESA funding. We take the opportunity to have all European radiation effects community to organized a dedicated QCA RADECS day on a "hot" subject.

2007 : Louvain la Neuve, Belgium. Heavy ions test facilities representativity. Problems to face, solutions we have, action plan.

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