Based upon current needs, RADECS can organise some Thematic Workshop (1 day) in order to analyse the state of the art in this field, to exchange informations and to try to define a common view.

2009 : OPTORAD :

Subject : The 2009 First International Symposium on Reliability of Optoelectronics For Space (ISROS 2009) and joint thematic day Radiation Effects On Optoelectronics (OPTORAD ) will be held in May 11-15 May 2009 in Cagliari (Italy). Space qualification remains a big issue when it comes to optoelectronic devices because of the wide range of components and the low level of standardization with respect to test conditions.

2007 RALFDAY  : RAdiation Laser Facility. June 7th, 2007 @ EADS CCR Suresnes - France

Subject : To analyse the possibility to perform Single Event Effects testings using laser facilities, instead of heavy ions facilities.

1996 : RADCOTS . June 1996 @ Montpellier - Fontcaude

Subject : To analyse the major concerns in using COTS (Components Off The Shelf) in space, regarding the space radiation environment. Perspectives from the part manufacturer up to the satellite prime contractor.


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